Seamless employee training with no manual work

Easily convert complex documentation into gamified onboarding experience.

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Simplifies Training Content:

Easier for employees to understand and retain information, leading to more effective onboarding.

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Onboarding Insight

Analytics allow HR to monitor employee progress and ensure everyone stays on track.

Reduced Workload

Instant support from the AI assistant reduces the need for HR to address common queries, freeing up time for other tasks.



Translates complex PDF’s and walls of text into nice and human friendly edu materials


Duolingo-like flashcards and chat features to make training interactive and fun.


Chat live with Hummus, your personal AI assistant with access to all your organisation knowledge.


Analytics letting admin monitor educational progress of whole organisation

How It Works


Create Your Organization

Pay a one-time fee to set up your organization and start inviting members.


Upload PDFs

Upload your training documents and let our AI process them into courses.


Train Your Team

Utilize flashcards and chat features to enhance learning and track progress.

Token Packages

10 Million Tokens


Best value for extensive use, handling up to 1000 pages of PDF or 6667 chat responses.

5 Million Tokens


Perfect for larger teams, covering up to 500 pages of PDF or 3333 chat responses.

1 Million Tokens


Ideal for processing up to 100 pages of PDF or 667 chat responses.

What Our Users Say

"I gave my employees access to the BETA out of curiosity, and since then we finally have time for other things besides onboarding new salespeople."

- Jakub Wesolowski, Expoproperty

"Easy to scale training with the token system."

- Tony Anderson, Training Coordinator

"Improved training engagement significantly."

- Marcin Mazurek, Baza Funduszy

It’s super simple, try it out

Starting at €45

Advantages and Disadvantages

Benefits of Using Our Product

  • Streamlined and efficient onboarding process.
  • Automated generation of training courses from PDFs.
  • Improved employee engagement with interactive learning tools.
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Drawbacks of Not Using Our Product

  • Manual and time-consuming onboarding process.
  • Increased workload to create training materials from scratch.
  • Lower employee engagement and retention.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an organization?

To create an organization, simply sign up and purchase one of the token packages. Then you can start inviting members and creating courses.

How does the token system work?

Tokens are used to generate questions and answers from your PDFs and to use the chat feature. You can purchase additional tokens as needed.

What file formats are supported?

Currently, we support PDF files with a maximum size of 4.4 MB. The files should contain text only.

How are questions and answers generated using OpenAI API?

Our system uses the OpenAI API to generate questions and answers from your uploaded PDFs. If your company prefers not to send data to OpenAI, we offer the option to set up a dedicated instance on a private server, using a language model maintained specifically for your organization.